At ISM, performance is all part of the experience.

For many of us who learnt the traditional method, we only had the chance to perform in front of an examiner or our teacher. At ISM we believe music should be shared and enjoyed together.

Every few weeks students have the opportunity to perform songs they have been practicing in front of their class. At the end of the year, we have class parties where family and friends are invited to come along and see what we do in a lesson, and what the students have achieved throughout the year.

We also have our formal annual ISM concert held midyear, where our 250 ISM students perform at the Woodcroft College, Morphett Vale. These concerts are a wonderful occasion for students to dress up, and have a performance experience in a formal yet friendly atmosphere.

Students generally perform one piano song and one singing song along with their class.

We hold our annual concert in July, as most families are already so busy around December.

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