Junior Course:

For students 4-6 years

The Junior Music Course incorporates all fundamentals for practical and musical development for the beginner student. An emphasis on aural training expediates the learning process and the students develop the components of musicianship and technique simultaneously.

In a 45 minute weekly lesson during school terms, the students cover the following:

  • Piano tuition - practical learning, with solo and ensemble experience;
  • Singing - to develop pitch and aural;
  • Percussion - to develop rhythmic skills;
  • Theory/musical games - for confirmation of reading notation and musical elements;
  • Music Appreciation - understanding of musical structure and creativity.



Class maximum of 10 students, grouped within a 6 month span. Each student is provided with a digital piano for use in the classroom. An unpressured atmosphere, but effective structured programme taught by fully qualified music specialists.







Primary Course:

For students from 7 years

A beginner course for children from 7 years. All technical and musical concepts are covered through repertoire and technical finger play, experiencing all styles of music. This is integrated with keyboard and percussion ensembles for rhythmic development, music appreciation for the understanding of musical structure and creative awareness and the opportunity for solos and ensemble work.




With the use of the teachers speed variable disk, the children play with exciting orchestral and band tracks, which helps to promote a positive classroom environment.







$20 for 45 minutes